Materials for professionals

Prodoo is, a manufacturer and distributor of modern materials used in the construction industry, especially in the production of joinery.


  1. production

    We specialise in the production and processing of materials such as HPL-coated composite panels, PVC with XPS and PUR core.

  2. distribution

    We supply our partners with a wide range of XPS and PUR sheets, which are excellent thermal insulation for manufactured structures.

  3. development

    Thanks to the investments made, we veneer flat surfaces with RENOLIT, CONTINENTAL, LX Hot Melt technology.


We are experts in the areas of substructures, windows, doors and HS extensions. In these areas, our flagship product is the ELCE600 material with excellent compressive strength. Its water resistance, thermal insulation and solvent resistance are further advantages. Thanks to its excellent performance and ease of processing, ELCE600 is finding more and more areas of application.

To meet the needs of our customers, we have also created an excellent, safe solution for transportation and storage. Prodoo XPS transport cubes with adhesive film are a way to prevent damage caused by improper protection of goods during transportation.

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